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Breast Reshaping For Mommy Makeover Surgery

Breasts are affected by pregnancies just like the tummy is. The skin on them loosens, and they tend to sag downwards losing the shape. This is not a desirable condition, and, therefore, there is a need to undergo the mommy makeover surgery. This surgery caters for the abdominal wall as well as the breasts. Breast shaping is the branch of full mommy makeover treatment, and it has various sub-branches to treat the breasts. A wide variety is available because breasts are affected in different methods, and all have to be catered for. Some problems are acquired especially after pregnancies. Others are developmental e.g. underdeveloped breasts.

Various factors need to be considered in order to choose the right one that matches your specific needs. These include skin elasticity and quality, sagging degree, breast width, shape and size of breasts, ribcage shape and also breast volumes. The nipple location, breast size and shape are common in many of the women. For these many variables, it is essential to be done some evaluation thoroughly to determine the best treatment plan for you. Some of these cosmetic breast treatments are discussed below.

Breast augmentation

After breast augmentation in Tampa, FLThis is the treatment that involves restoring the shape and size of the breasts after pregnancy. Breast augmentation is done by incisions being placed on the lower side of the breast. It is the most common procedure even to those ladies who have not experienced pregnancies. It is focused on increasing the volume of the breast that have sagged with time. Many choices have to be made here including implant placing location, incision location and implant type. You will discuss these options with your surgeon, and he will advise on the best one for your specific case.

Breast reduction

This is a cosmetic procedure that is incorporated in mommy makeover surgeries to improve the size and shape of the beasts in post pregnant mothers. Other than this, it also helps to reduce rashes, back pain and shoulder grooving. Many choices are also available here. This include the techniques to be used and the factors that affect them. Variables to be considered here are client goals, breast size and preferences of the client.

Breast lift

It is more similar to the breast augmentation. Pregnancy will make the mothers’ breasts sag, and these need to be lifted in order to regain shape. The skin will have to be made tighter to resume a young look. Implants can be used to increase the breast volume and hence shape. The end results are usually pleasant looking breasts that mothers love.

Nipple surgery

The entire breast needs to be improved including the nipples. In fact, nipples constitute of breast beauty. This type of surgery in mommy makeover is specifically directed to the nipples. Small ones can be increased and large ones reduced. This procedure can be done solely and also in conjunction with other breast treatments. It depends on your surgeon.

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